Episode 144: Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight. The fifth in a series about robots, history and the indulgences of a man who never could resist beautiful women, crude jokes and explosions. You ever have so much sensory input and then try putting that experience into words? With the debris still settling, this is that conversation. (WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS IN EPISODE)

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Episode 77: Freejack

free06_thumb%255B2%255DThis week on the podcast, we learned that Gina doesn’t get to pick a movie for a while. The movie she chose was the 1992 sci-fi flick ‘Freejack,’ starring Emilio Estavez and Mick Jagger. Yes folks, Mick Jagger is one of the top billed actors in this movie. Bounty hunters from the future transport a doomed race-car driver to 2009 New York, where his mind will be replaced with that of a dying billionaire. When he escapes he becomes a Freejack and must….find out….keep running…stop the evil….well if you’ve seen this movie you will also feel the same way. This movie is not only awful and boring, but it spend almost two whole hours telling a story, or lack there of, just to completely throw it away in the last minutes of the movie! It’s been a while since we’ve watched something so frustrating and hard to sit through.

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Next week we celebrate the release of the brand new Godzilla by watching and discussing one of the classic Godzilla films. Now there are 28 Godzilla films in total (not including the 1998 crapfest) so it wasn’t easy choosing one to cover. The one we finally decided on was 1973’s ‘Godzilla Vs. Megalon.’ When the undersea nation of Seatopia sends the gigantic Megalon to destroy the world above, it’s up to Godzilla and a size-shifting robot, Jet Jaguar, to defeat him!

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