Episode 1: Troll 2

Episode 2: Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Episode 3: Halloween Resurrection

Episode 4: Mac And Me

Episode 5: Order Of The Black Eagle

Episode 6: Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Episode 7: BMX Bandits

Episode 8: Deathsport

Episode 9: Swamp Thing

Episode 10: Jack Frost

Episode 11: He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special

Episode 12: Baywatch Nights: Frozen Out Of Time (S2x13)

Episode 13: FDR: American Badass

Episode 14: Crossworlds

Episode 15: The Pit

Episode 16: Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College

Episode 17: Bloody Birthday

Episode 18: Rockula

Episode 19: Creep Van

Episode 20: Fireproof

Episode 21: The Rape Of Richard Beck

Episode 22: Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Episode 23: Steele Justice

Episode 24: Meet The Applegates

Episode 25: Ready To Rumble

Episode 26: Barb Wire

Episode 27: The ButterCream Gang

Episode 28: Hard Target

Episode 29: Sleepaway Camp

Episode 30: Rollerball

Episode 31: Baywatch Nights (S2x09 – Night Whispers)

Episode 32: Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

Episode 33: Zapped!

Episode 34: Back To The Beach

Episode 35: Student Bodies

Episode 36: My Mom’s A Werewolf

Episode 37: Over The Top

Episode 38: Dead Heat

Episode 39: Super Mario Bros.

Episode 40: Kaboom

Episode 41: Road House

Episode 42: Smoke ‘n’ Lightnin

Episode 43: South Beach Academy

Episode 44: D.N.A.

Episode 45: 3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain

Episode 46: Riki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky

Episode 47: Class of 1999

Episode 48: Axe Giant: The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan

Episode 49: Miami Connection

Episode 50: Shakma

Episode 51: The FP

Episode 52: Hard Ticket To Hawaii

Episode 53: The Paperboy

Episode 54: Halloween III: Season Of The Witch

Episode 55: Visiting Hours

Episode 56: Body Bags

Episode 57: Pool Boy: Drowning Out The Fury

Episode 58: Manborg

Episode 59: Bebe’s Kids

Episode 60: Yor, The Hunter From The Future

Episode 61: Jingle All The Way

Episode 62: Jack Frost (1998)

Episode 62.5: New Episode Jan 15

Episode 63: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Episode 64: Color Of Night

Episode 65: I, Frankenstein

Episode 66: RAD

Episode 67: Mortal Kombat Annihilation

Episode 68: Shrooms

Episode 69: Cloak & Dagger

Episode 70: Hell Comes To Frogtown

Episode 71: The Phantom Of The Opera (1989)

Episode 72: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Episode 73: The Punisher

Episode 74: Top 3 Worst Movies

Episode 74.5: Be Back April 23rd

Episode 75: The Peanut Butter Solution

Episode 76: No Holds Barred

Episode 77: Freejack

Episode 78: Godzilla Vs. Megalon

Episode 79: Mikey

Episode 80: Never Too Young To Die

Episode 81: Night Of The Creeps

Episode 82: The Monster Squad

Episode 83: Sleepaway Camp (Revisit)

Episode 84: Just One Of The Guys

Episode 85: Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.

Episode 85.5: Jason Voorhees

Episode 86: Friday The 13th Part II

Episode 87: Friday The 13th Part III 3D

Episode 88: Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Episode 89: Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Episode 90: Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Episode 91: Legion Of Iron

Episode 92: Helen Keller Vs Nightwolves

Episode 93: Gleaming The Cube

Episode 94: Blood Rage

Episode 95: Enter The Ninja

Episode 96: Revenge Of The Ninja

Episode 97: Ninja III The Domination

Episode 98:Virtuosity

Episode 99: My Pet Monster

Episode 100: Invasion U.S.A.

Episode 101: Fantastic Four (2015)

Episode 102: ROAR

Episode 103: Peggy Sue Got Married

Episode 104: The Adventures Of Hercules

Episode 105: Left Behind (2014)

Episode 106: Drive Angry

Episode 107: Exit Wounds

Episode 107.5: Bad Sequels

Episode 108: Nemesis

Episode 109: Nemesis 2

Episode 110: Virus

Episode 111: Critters

Episode 112: Sleepaway Camp II

Episode 113: I Come In Peace

Episode 114: The Golden Child

Episode 115: Howard The Duck

Episode 116: Thrashin’

Episode 116.5: Good Trailers, Bad Movies

Episode 117: Change

Episode 118: Makin’ Money, Moochin’ Money

Episode 119: The Star Wars Holiday Special

Episode 120: Friday The 13th Part VI Jason Lives (Revisited)

Episode 121: Friday The 13th Part VII The New Blood

Episode 122: Friday The 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan

Episode 123: Jason Goes To Hell

Episode 124: Jason X

Episode 125: Attack Of The Killer Shrews

Episode 126: Chairman Of The Board

Episode 127: Swamp Ape

Episode 128: Moonwalker

Episode 129: Captain EO

Episode 130: Brain Damage

Episode 130.5: Cyborg Sickness

Episode 131: Surviving The Game

Episode 132: River Of Darkness

Episode 133: Baywatch – Bash At The Beach

Episode 134: Big Man On Campus

Episode 135: Monster Trucks

Episode 136: The Marine 5 Battleground …. Kind Of….

Episode 137: The Last American Virign

Episode 138: The Ice Pirates (Coming Soon)

Episode 139: MANBORG [Revisit] (Coming Soon)

Episode 140: These Final Hours (Coming Soon)

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  1. Hey, can you update your episodes section so you can include the remaining ones on there?

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