Episode 167: The Christmas Tree

christmastree04.pngIn 1991, Family Home Entertainment (f.h.e.) was riding high, releasing VHS tape after VHS tape for all of our favorite cartoons. We remember seeing that infamous f.h.e. logo so much that it was burned into our tiny brains forever. Little did we know at this same time f.h.e. put out one of the worst and most f’d up Christmas specials of all time, featuring one of the most evil characters to ever exist…Mrs. Mavilda. We highly recommend you check this one out on YouTube here before you listen to the episode, so you can truly know how insane this movie is.

*We should also mention that you may notice the audio in this episode isn’t its usual quality due to the fact that we recorded this one via Skype.*

Download Episode 167: The Christmas Tree

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