Episode 143: Critters 4

Tonight brings to a close our viewing of the Critterverse, a franchise nickname not given lightly. All four of these movies do the once rare feat of establishing a universe ripe with potential. While the first three movies focus primarily on Earth, this fourth movie takes us back to space where it all began, but also to the future. 52 years in the future! What is masterful about this movie is that it is not cheesy or overtly goofy, and gives us a great science fiction experience that has no right to exist. Learning about the changes during the 52 year gap creates a craving for more movies set in this universe. Monsters. Creatures. Galactic counsels and interstellar corporations. Bounty hunters and betrayal. It has everything you could ask for, except maybe more critter carnage, but what can you do. Join us as we follow former drunk turned Crite killer Charlie in his last adventure.

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