Episode 127: Swamp Ape

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-4-58-26-pmDeep in the swamps of Florida dwells a creature so awe inspiring, so monumental, so…horny, when we heard about it we could not look away. Do you like low budget brutality, clever/terrible jokes, ape dick and a message around nature preservation and native American oppression? Then this is the movie for you. Did I mention ape dick? Yes. Yes I did. We rarely tackle films this close to their release date, as most b movies are relics of a time long gone or things so insignificant we missed them when they debuted-but not this week’s focus, 2017’s Swamp Ape, a welcomed addition to the fold of movies so terribly absurd you can’t help but adore them. Remember the ape dick. Never forget.

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