Episode 122: Friday The 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan

maxresdefaultManhattan. Full of toxic sludge. Manhattan. Where gang members shoot you up with heroin and try to sexually assault you. Manhattan. Where previously mentioned toxic sludge fills the underbelly of the city at midnight because that’s a thing that happens. Manhattan. The Big Apple. Manhattan. The city that never sleeps. Manhattan. New York. The city…that is about to be brought to its knees thanks to a machete wielding maniac from camp crystal lake after he hitches a ride on two boats because where exactly is camp crystal lake again? Doesn’t matter. Manhattan is ripe for the taking and Jason is going to treat it like two Slavic hookers on a queen size bed-wet, messy and best left up your imagination.

If this movie was called Jason Takes A Boat To Manhattan I think history would treat it more appropriately, as the movie could always use more Manhattan but it’s still a welcomed edition to the Friday the 13th Franchise.

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