Episode 120: Friday The 13th Part VI Jason Lives (Revisited)

jasonlivesJason lives. What better Christmas movie is there to end out December-oh shit, forget about December, there’s no better way to send 2016 out to pasture than with a grueling gash from Jason’s machete. In a year full of surprise, intrigue, desperation and disgust – closing it out with the resurrection of Mr. Voorhees is oddly appropriate. Like a brutal monster brought back from the dead, 2016 reminded us that horrible things hide in plain sight. If this movie teaches us anything, even if your obsession or your apathy contributed to the destruction that filled the past year, it teaches that you can always be a Tommy. If you fuck up, you can always redeem yourself and be a better person by sending the hockey mask wearing redneck to the bottom of camp crystal lake with a ridiculous fucking chain.

Also, because it’s topical and we saw them play a month ago, check out the band The Jason’s. They’re great. Part of the reason we watched this for a second time is because they got us pumped. Get their music on their Bandcamp page and like them on their Facebook page.

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