Episode 119: The Star Wars Holiday Special

pThis is the season. The season of family. The season of giving. The season of life. The season of…Life..day. We guess. If you are a Wookie on Wookie Planet? We forget what that world is called but honestly, who gives a shit? We care as much about that as we do the individuals responsible for giving the go ahead to George Lucas’s worst idea this side of Tatooine. Oh is that a nerd we hear crying that his name isn’t credited? Maybe he shouldn’t be trash talked for this, but we need some explanation for why the star wars holiday special is as excruciating as it is.

Maybe we’re being too blunt. Maybe we’re controlling my thoughts. Maybe we’ve lost the will to live. Don’t worry, we don’t hold back on this episode so if you like us being miserable, If you’re into that kind of thing, we are back to form and ready to roll with the star wars holiday special.

We’d say may the force be with you however it’s going to take something stronger than that to protect you from a cluster fuck like this.

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