Episode 115: Howard The Duck

howard-the-duck-movie-lea-thompsonIt’s 2016 and celebrity millionaire / ex-reality show host Donald Trump is now the President of The United States. A man who, in 1986, was just a celebrity millionaire rebuilding an long-closed ice skating rink in New York. 1986 was a simpler time and just like 2016 it had it’s fair share of questionable events. To this day, the release of Howard The Duck was one of those events. But who would have thought a movie this “bad” would ever bring us joy when we needed it most. When we watched it we were surprised at how much we enjoyed it. It’s a crazy, balls out absurd movie, that a viewing population could not appreciate at the time. It’s reviled. It’s disgusted. Most don’t care about it. But it’s a charming and unique film that deserves way more credit. It was more fun than we expected. We probably won’t feel this way about Donald Trump 30 years from now. Howard T. Duck 2020.

On the next episode of B Movie Breakdown we continue to skate through 1986 with a movie that is totally Thrashin’!

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