Episode 112: Sleepaway Camp II

sleepaway-camp-ii-2If camping, killing, and “transexual lunatics” are things your life craves, then have we watched the movie for you. And no, “transexual lunatic” is not a term we support or endorse but it was used to advertise the god damn movie on the back of its box. Like, what the hell? We’ve reviewed Sleep Away Camp twice before, but never it’s sequel! Now is the time. Horror month has brought us to Camp Rolling Hills and it’s time to watch Angela, the Angel of Death, kill everyone. Literally. Everyone. Except that one girl, but really she probably died off screen anyways.

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We will be rounding out our month of horror with the 1990 horror action movie I Come In Peace, also known as Dark Angel. This is not only one of our favorite movies from our childhood, but it also stars one of our favorite action heroes, Dolph Lundgren

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