Episode 107.5: “Bad” Sequels

georgeWe’ve taken a few breaks throughout the course of this podcast, and it’s always been something we traditionally hate doing. Denying you our company is a grievous action, and we understand that. You want more Corey and Nick and we don’t blame you. I mean, of course you do.

This week is how we rectify that occasional problem. We’re introducing a new format, the half episode. Normally we focus on one film and go to down. This week we focus on a topic and let the conversation go from there. So while there is not a movie for this week, in a way there are several. Today’s half episode topic is traditionally hated sequels that we untraditionally adore. So sit back and relax. This is episode 107.5.

Click Here To Download Episode 107.5: “Bad” Sequels

But come back to us next week for Nemesis. It’ll be waiting for you.

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