Episode 107: Exit Wounds

exitSome say stab wounds are the best kind of wounds, but those people haven’t seen Exit Wounds starring Steven Seagal and DMX. That’s right X is gonna give it to ya right in the face with his fresh Lugz boots on, while running his multi-million dollar website where you can buy anything for $9.99 or less. Then use that money to trick crooked cops into thinking you are a drug dealer, with your best friend who runs a night club, just to possibly get your brother out of jail. Little does X know that he will have a run in with reckless cop Orin Boyd, who just so happens to go to anger management with Detroit AM tv star Henry Wayne. Remember that club owner we mentioned? Well he absolutely loves Henry Wayne! And after everything is said, the best friend club owner and Henry Wayne become co-hosts of Detroit AM and we get to see their wonderful dynamic throughout the credits. So if you’re wondering if in the end do the main characters really even matter, the answer is not really.

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During Episode 107 we discover a series of movies that sound and look so absurd that we just couldn’t pass them up. So next week we will be watching Nemesis from 1992, followed by it’s 3 sequels….as long as we can find / have access to them. The first one, just title Nemesis, is available in full on YouTube here.

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