Episode 106: Drive Angry

maxresdefaultLive fast. Die young. Go to hell. Come back from the dead. Avenge your daughter. Have lots of sex and kill lots of people. I don’t understand why America didn’t embrace this concept more more than it did. Maybe it was Nicholas Cage exhaustion. Maybe its because the character is only different from Ghost Rider in the details. I don’t know. All I know is that Drive Angry is way better then anyone gives it credit for and by the time it ended I was already writing the pilot to a tv show that would never happen in my mind. If you like sex, beer, murder, demons, heaven, hell, cult leaders, sex, murder, murder and sex you’ll love this movie.

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Next week we have a listener suggested movie! That’s right, you, the listener, can suggest movies for us to watch on here, our Facebook page, our email, or on Twitter and we will watch them! This listener suggested movie is Exit Wounds from 2001 starring Steven Seagal and DMX! X Gon Give It To Ya!

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