Episode 105: Left Behind (2014)

August2014-LeftBehind-CM-Wallpaper-webThe book of revelations is fill with vivid imagery, glorious prophecy and messages that can shine a light on the issues of the day. Religious or not, anyone can recognize it’s historical significance and it’s effect of modern christianity and modern western society. That being said, Left Behind starring Nicolas Cage is a piece of garbage we’ve already spent too much time talking about it and we only intend to talk about it for this sentence. Now listen to our podcast where we talk about this film and give it the scorn and ridicule it truly deserves.

Click Here To Download Episode 105: Left Behind (2014)

Next episode we put the pedal to the metal with Drive Angry from 2011. Yes, another Nicolas Cage movie, but this time a really good and overlooked one. Most people wrote this off when it came out due to the string of stinkers Cage was in and the fact that they didn’t get how self aware it was, but boy did they miss out on one HELL of a ride.

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