Episode 104: The Adventures Of Hercules

AdventuresOfHercules3Uncovering ancient history can be a challenge. Modern scholars, relying on information left behind by our ancestors;  be it writings, infrastructure, artifacts, etc… (if they left anything behind at all) decipher these puzzle pieces, in an attempt to assemble a coherent narrative that best describes the culture in which they are studying. As I said, some civilizations leave behind a plethora of information, while others leave behind but a trace of their existence at all. Luckily for you and I, some ancient Greek, most likely named Jim, shadowed the great Hercules and documented his most epic battles, thereby giving us a perfect manuscript detailing actual historical fact, that the beloved people at Cannon films turned into not one, but two glorious films! Today, we discuss the real life adventures of a real life historical figure as he battles real life historical gods and kings in the real life movie The Adventures of Hercules. Its a rare feat to watch history brought to the screen in such a believable fashion! Motion pictures like these should not be taken for granted!

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Next week…well we we’re going to watch God’s Not Dead to have a slight connection to The Adventures Of Hercules. You know since this was about Hercules and Kevin Sorbo also played Hercules and he is in God’s Not Dead. But being short on time we could not access God’s Not Dead quick enough and when we typed it into Netflix the top suggestion was Left Behind. No, not the Kirk Cameron version of Left Behind, but actually the 2014 remake starring Nicolas Cage!

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