Episode 103: Peggy Sue Got Married


What would you do if you could live your life over? What would you do if you could change every mistake you ever made? What would you do if your grandpa was part of a time travel cult?

Would you still marry your psycho husband or would you have sex with the local communist? Peggy Sue had to answer all of these questions and then some in today’s episode, where we discuss the Francis Ford Coppola (hmm what else has he directed, I can’t place it…) film, Peggie Sue Got Married.

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Next week we dive back into the Cannon Film library with the 1985 film The Adventures Of Hercules, starring Lou Ferrigno. What crazy antics will the son of Zeus get into when he comes down from Mount Olympus to retrieve The Seven Thudnerbolts stolen by renegade Gods.

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