Episode 99: My Pet Monster

pet2On our journey to Episode 100 of the podcast, we hit a major bump in the road this week with My Pet Montser (A Live-Action Video Cassette). Some of you may remember this movie, but more of you most likely remember the plush doll it was based on or the short lived animated series. For a movie based on a plush doll, it does take some major strides to make sure the monster looks nothing like it, but also not really focus on the monster all that much in the first place. I could tell you this movie is about a boy named Max who gets turned into a monster while starring at a cartoonish statue all because he didn’t eat, but I would only be telling you half the truth. The majority of this movie seems to focus on Max’s brother and his uppity girlfriends show dog. Regardless, the movie is quite absurd and leaves you with a plethora of questions never to be answered. You can watch the movie in full via YouTube.

Click Here To Download Episode 99: My Pet Monster

Next week we arrive at Episode 100 of B Movie Breakdown. Through 99 episodes we’ve truly come across the best of the worst and our next episode is no exception to that rule. We go back to one of our favorite’s Cannon Films, to find the perfect movie for Episode 100 – Invasion USA starring the one, the only Chuck Norris!

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