Episode 97: Ninja III The Domination

ninja-iii-review-header-graphicWelcome to a world where Ninjas are magical, V8 juice is a sex symbol, and even the lowliest cop is somehow a cigar-chewing pimp. That’s right folks, this week we watched Ninja III The Domination, the final film in the Cannon Ninja Trilogy. This movie was very misleading, right from the title. Ninja III: The Possession would’ve been far more appropriate. Essentially the film was about an evil ninja slaughtering scores of good guy cops, but the filmmakers certainly portrayed the cops as shady and likely corrupt through most of the movie only for you to realize at the end that they were never deserving of their fate. Sorry little Suzy, daddy’s getting a closed-casket funeral because he died in a helicopter crash. And look out for those aerobics class rape gangs! You remember what a problem they were in the 80s, right? No wonder everybody’s switched to DDP Yoga. This film is available in full in HD on YouTube.

Next week we get in the holiday spirit with WWE Studios & ABC Family’s failed attempt at a holiday classic, Christmas Bounty. There isn’t much to say about this movie except watch at your own risk on Netflix.

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