Episode 89: Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Main-Shot__spanWe are still staying on track with our Friday The 13th Marathon and this week we are on Part V: A New Beginning. Last time we saw Jason he was…well he was super dead. In fact he was being chopped up, with a machete, by young Tommy Jarvis. Well, now we catch up with Tommy some years later after he has been tossed around from home to home still troubled by the events of that very night. He ends up at a halfway house for troubled teens and from here the madness ensues. Someone starts picking off people in the area and house one by one and it seems to be Jason, but wait he’s dead it can’t be Jason! Or is it the deranged Tommy, who’s been consumed by the memory of Jason and just can’t take it anymore? Nah! It’s Roy, the medic from the beginning of the movie dressed as Jason, whose son died early on at the hands of one of the other teens. But we didn’t even know that was his son until the end and you only see Roy for like 2 seconds…yeah needless to say this one is easily the WORST of the series!

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Next week we move on the Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives! That’s right folks, our favorite hockey masked killer is back in full form this time and he isn’t messing around. Brought back to life by lighting striking him with a metal steak in him, he is on the hunt for Tommy Jarvis to get his ultimate revenge! This movie truly brought the series back to life and after Part V it was much needed.

Reminder: Sadly none of the Friday The 13th movies are available on Netflix (except VII), but they are available to rent on Amazon, YouTube, and a number of other sites.

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