Episode 88: Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

finalchap7We have returned after a short hiatus with an all new episode of your favorite b movie podcast, THE B MOVIE BREAKDOWN! This week we continue our journey into the twisted mind of Jason Voorhees as we discuss the 4th installment in this series, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. Yeah, we know…Final Chapter and yet there are like 6 more of these bad boys to go. Well, when you have a character like Jason, who is a money making machine, why stop when the money is hot. And the money was hot this time around because this installment made more than any of the first three movies. We last left Jason with an axe with in his head laying on the floor of a barn. Well the police and paramedics arrived to haul off the body (and other bodies) back to the morgue. But little did they know, Jason wasn’t quite all the way dead and is ready for more! This is one of our favorites of the series, not only for the gruesome death at the end but also for the supreme acting my a young Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis. Also, in this movie is the always weird and wacky Crispin Glover, who shows off some stellar dance moves at one point. Lesson learned here: Don’t Be A Dead Fuck.

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Next week, we yet again continue our Friday The 13th marathon with Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning. Yeah, Jason may be dead but the studio sure wanted “him” alive again. We meet back up with Tommy Jarvis a few years down the line after the horrific events of Part IV. He has been bumped around from home to home, but nothing can help the memories Jason Vorhees left behind.

Remember, sadly none of the Friday The 13th movies are available on Netflix (except VII), but they are available to rent on Amazon, YouTube, and a number of other sites.

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