Episode 87: Friday The 13th Part III 3D

tumblr_m5epjdQIGA1qj7u8ao1_500-1 (dragged)This week on the podcast we discover a new dimension of terror with the next movie in the journey of Jason Voorhees. He survived the machete to the should from Part II and is on the run attempting to heal in a barn near by. But it just some happens that the barn is also part of someones lake house, a lake house that Chris and her friends are visiting for the summer. Because you know when you hear about murders in the area and the killer still on the loose, it’s a good idea to not cancel the trip. Well, you can assume what happens next. Jason doesn’t like people coming to his woods, especially when hurt, so the body count continues. From general store owners and bikers to Chris and her group of silly friends, no one is safe. Oh! And this just so happens to be THE movie where Jason obtains his iconic hockey mask, courtesy of the always loveable Shelly.

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Next we we continue our descent into the world of Jason with Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. Yeah, the fourth movie was supposed to be the epic finale for Jason and for good reason. This movie really packs a punch with Jason stronger than ever and super mega gore moments. But the studio couldn’t quite let go of this money maker, so this was not in fact “The Final Chapter.”

Remember, sadly none of the Friday The 13th movies are available on Netflix (except VII), but they are available to rent on Amazon, YouTube, and a number of other sites.

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