Episode 86: Friday The 13th Part II

fridaythe13thpart2-1This week marks the beginning of our descent into the warped and twisted mind of one of the biggest horror icons of all time, Jason Voorhees. And what better way to kick this multi-month tribute off, than with the first movie where he was the central character. We figured starting with Part II was more true to Jason than starting with Part I. The first one has been talked about to death and as we all know Jason is only mentioned and in fact not the killer. In Friday The 13th Part II the body count continues with, a now 33-ish, Jason out for blood after witnessing his mothers death 5 years prior. So when a group of twenty somethings start up a Camp Counselor Training Center nearby Camp Crystal Lake, now deemed Camp Blood, Jason will not stand for these youths disturbing his peace. I mean his little shack in the woods did look pretty damn cozy and peaceful, especially when you’re running around with a bag on your head.

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Next week we continue our adventures of Jason Voorhees with Friday The 13th Part III 3D. Yes that’s right, this film was originally presented in the 3rd dimension. So bust out your red and blue paper 3D glasses and get ready for rats, pitchforks, machetes and so much more to come flying at your face. And did we mention that our favorite killer obtains his icon mask in this one? Oh yeah! Time to kick it up a notch!

Remember, sadly none of the Friday The 13th movies are available on Netflix (except VII), but they are available to rent on Amazon, YouTube, and a number of other sites.

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