Episode 80: Never Too Young To Die

img_A_145979_5dbc094617a5c6b3201d197b91acf0ea-e1320432417781-640x360Believe it or not, but there was a time where John Stamos was attempting to become the next big action hero. At this same time, Gene Simmons was attempting to become an actor. Well clearly both of these attempts didn’t quite work out the way they wanted to, but we did get one insane movie out of it that’s for sure. The movie we speak of is the 1986 action flick Never Too Young To Die. In it Stamos plays Lance Stargrove, the son of murdered secret agent Drew Stargrove, who must take the reigns of his father and stop the evil hermaphrodite Velvet Von Ragnar! Ragnar, played by Gene Simmons, is attempting to combine the local water supply with all of the toxic waste build up by….well maybe if you guys watch you can figure it out because we sure as hell couldn’t. This absurd action flick is in full on YouTube if you feel like taking a walk on the wild side.

Click Here To Download Episode 80: Never Too Young To Die

Next week we watch a true cult classic, Night Of The Creeps which also happens to be from 1986. When alien brain parasites start turning humans into a killer zombies, a group of teenagers must fight to destroy them. This movie just hit Netflix, so if you haven’t seen this cult classic you really should check it out!

Remember majority of the movies we watch are available for streaming on Netflix or YouTube! [Unless we say otherwise]

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