Episode 75: The Peanut Butter Solution

wtahooAfter a week off we are back with an all new episode of the podcast! This week on B Movie Breakdown we watched ‘The Peanut Butter Solution’ from 1985. This movie has easily broken into the ranks of one of the best worst movies of all time. Yes folks it’s that insane….Troll 2/Mac & Me insane. SO many crazy and absurd things happen in this movie that we had a hard time figuring out where to start. Eleven-year-old Michael loses all of his hair when he gets a fright and uses a potion, given to him by two ghosts of recently deceased hobos, to get his hair back. Little does he know, too much peanut butter can cause things to get a bit hairy. But this movie has so much more going on that just this hairy situation. There are so man WTF moments in this movie that we won’t spoil them here, so head over to YouTube and watch the movie for yourself and then come back here and check out Episode 75!

Download Episode 75: The Peanut Butter Solution

Next week on B Movie Breakdown we watch a true classic of the 80’s and the first ever WWF produced film. If you didn’t guess it yet, the film we speak of is NO HOLDS BARRED starring the immortal Hulk Hogan! It’s the ultimate battle of the tough guys as Rip & Zues go head to head in one of the most epic battles of all time!! Check it out on Netflix, ya jockass!

Remember every movie we watch is available for streaming on Netflix or YouTube! [Unless we say otherwise]

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