Episode 74: Top 3 Worst Movies

00128This week on the podcast we take a break from the usual format of discussing some B Movie of the past or present. Each of us have made a list of 3 of the worst movies we have ever seen. The films on the lists are all on there for many reasons, whether the amount of disappointment retained from it or it just being so unbearably bad these films rank low in our minds. What we want you, the listener to do, is to tell us your top 3 worst movies of all time and we will read them all off on the next episode of B Movie Breakdown.

Click Here To Download Episode 74: Top 3 Worst Movies

Speaking of next week, it is yet another listener requested movie. On Facebook we received a special request to watch the 1985 family film ‘The Peanut Butter Solution.’ Eleven-year-old Michael loses all of his hair and uses a special potion to get his hair back, but too much of this special potion causes things to get a bit hairy. Thanks Scott for the recommendation, we can’t wait for this one!

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