Episode 63: Silent Night, Deadly Night

silent-night-deadly-night-2The day has come….the first brand new episode of B Movie Breakdown of 2014!! That’s right we are back and kicking things off with the 1984 controversial horror film Silent Night, Deadly Night. This movie haa been a long time coming on the podcast and had been requested multiple times over the past 62 episodes, so what better time than the first episode of 2014. If you are unaware, the movie is about a young boy who watches his parents get murdered by a man in a Santa suit. He spends his youth in an orphanage, staying quietly to his self, but his mind is further bent by an ironhanded Mother Superior. He ends up getting a job at a toy store, where he finally snaps when he is required to wear a Santa suit, and goes on a killing spree to punish the naughty.

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Next week, yet another fan requested movie! New listener Leo hit us up on our email and Facebook to request the 1994 Bruce Willis bomb, Color Of Night. This multi-razzie award winner is about a color-blind psychiatrist who is stalked by an unknown killer after taking over his murdered friend’s therapy group, all of whom have a connection to a mysterious young woman that he begins having intense sexual encounters with. Because when you are a huge action star, this is the kind of insanity you want to do next.

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