Episode 60: Yor, The Hunter From The Future

yor3Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when on a drunk podcast. Not a single beer was left, not even a Pabst. The movie we chose starred the manly Reb Brown. Yor, The Hunter From The Future did not make us frown.  The boys were still laughing with beers in their hands. While Gina’s level of tolerance greatly expands. And that’s about it for this lovely B Movie Breakdown poem, because the movie we watched this week warranted us getting as drunk as we did. We do apologize for the levels of silliness in this episode, but Yor brought that out in us for sure. Reb Brown plays the “future” barbarian looking to find himself as he battles ape like men and many Darth Vaders. Oh and we almost forgot to mention Yor’s amazing theme song and badass hair! Go watch this movie on Amazon Instant Watch then enjoy this lovely and silly episode of the podcast!

Download Episode 60: Yor, The Hunter From The Future

Next week we kick off the X-Mas season with a true classic in the genre of holiday films, 1996’s Jingle All The Way. Now we know many of you will say “That’s not a B Movie,” but those who say that…when was the last time you watched it? It is not only a movie starring Arnold and Sinbad, but it is so bizarre and over the top it would be wrong to not call it one.

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