Episode 52: Hard Ticket To Hawaii

hard-ticket-to-hawaii-snake-in-the-toiletWell folks, here it is! The one year anniversary episode of B Movie Breakdown! In the past year we have watched some unreal movies, had some unreal guests, and even had a change in co-hosts, but we are still coming at you as strong as ever. What better way to celebrate one full year of podcasting, than by cracking open some brews and watching one of the most ridiculous movies ever, Hard Ticket To Hawaii! This movie has it all: boobs, guns, explosions, frisbees with razor blades, cancer infect snakes, and more boobs. The agents of “the agency” must take down Seth Romero and his drug ring, all while looking out for a deadly escaped snake and making sure their shirts come off in almost every scene. I mean, how many movies during the end credits have a boob montage? So head over to YouTube, where you can watch this movie in full, or buy the Andy Sidaris collection on amazon for $5; and enjoy this masterpiece with us! We would like to thank all of you for the support over the past year!!

Download Episode 52: Hard Ticket To Hawaii

Next week is yet another fan submitted entry. Fan of the show Bryan suggested and provided us with the killer kid movie from 1994, The Paperboy. Johnny McFarley is your goody-two-shoes kid next door who just wants to be part of a loving family, but once they see how over bearing and creepy he is they bannish him from their lives. This is when the bad news starts to hit the headlines!

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