Episode 51: The FP

TR100008_TheFPThis week prepare for a beat off, as we are blessed yet again with a movie from Alamo Drafthouse Films. The movie we speak of is 2011’s THE FP, directed by The Trost Bros. In Frazier Park, their is only one way to settle things; an intense match up of Beat Beat Revelation. When JTRO’s brother BTRO gets 187’d when beating off against L Dubba E, from the rival 248’s, JTRO must reevaluate his life and see if the FP is truly worth defending. Join us and in following JTRO on his journey in this epic tale of love and revenge.

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Next week is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! And we have chosen a movie, that is up there with the “best of the best,” a movie that is quite often overlooked when it comes to B Movies. It has YouTube compilations up the wazoo and even a few word for word remakes. The movie we speak of is the Andy Sedaris classic, Hard Ticket To Hawaii! The movie is not available on Netflix, but is in full on youtube and we highly recommend you watch this one!

Remember every movie we watch is available for streaming on Netflix or YouTube! [Unless we say otherwise]

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