Episode 50: SHAKMA

shakma-mouthWe’ve all been in this scenario: in a tower playing/acting out a role playing game when a crazy baboon, we thought was dead, kills everyone; right? Well if you haven’t you are in for a treat as this week on the podcast we discuss the 1990 film SHAKMA! Poor little SHAKMA is tortured in a lab by none other than Lightnin’ himself, Christopher Atkins. Just when they think the test monkey gone wild is put to sleep, he awakens to ruin their fun little game of…well we have no idea; some sort of live action rpg crossed with a computer tracking system. Will everyone survive the night in the tower with SHAKMA on the looose or will SHAKMA be reign over all? Watch the movie on Netflix, then listen in as we try to tame this wild beast!

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Next week we have yet another treat from, the company that brought us Miami connection, Alamo Drafthouse Films. The film we speak of is 2011’s THE FP. Two rival gangs, the 245’s & the 248’s, must have underground battles of Beat Beat Revelation to see who can truly claim Frazier Park as their own! Will JTRO and company be able to take down L Dubba E and his gang of misfits? Just wait and find out!

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