Episode 49: Miami Connection

MiamiConnectionThis week on the podcast we discuss one of the greatest B Movies of all time! A movie that, until last year, had never seen the light of day (except like 8 theaters in Florida). And all thanks to Alamo Drafthouse films, MIAMI CONNECTION was able to be released and shown to the masses. Joining me (Corey) this week is Timmy Blaze & Chris from The T-Dawg Blizzlepops Comsey Stand Show to dicuss a movie far greater than Troll 2, Mac & Me, and The Room! In Orlando the Tai-Kwon-Do synth-rock band Dragon Sound must stop the Miami Ninja and get rid of their stupid cocaine! Does the band have what it take to defeat these ninjas and continue performing at the local night club, with dreams of a violence free world tour? Just wait and see! WE 100% RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS MOVIE!!

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Next week…well if you haven’t figured it out DRC is stepping down from duties as co-host of the podcast and is moving on to bigger and better things. Don’t worry, he will be back for one final amazing episode you won’t want to miss! But regarding next week’s movie and well new co-hosts, the movie is 1990’s SHAKMA, about a killer baboon in a tower! And as far as the new co-hosts go well they have been on the podcast before, in episode 48, its Gina & Ryan! These two have a huge passion for B Movies, just as much as DRC and myself, and will be great addition to the show!

Remember every movie we watch is available for streaming on Netflix or YouTube! [Unless we say otherwise]

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Check out friend of the show Timmy Blaze’s podcast(s) The T-Dawg Blizzlepop Comsey Stand Show! and The ABACABB Video Game Podcast [Both on iTunes & Spreaker]

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