Episode 46: Riki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky

storyofricky09 When the going gets tough, the tough start punching through peoples chests! This week we’ve opium tripped our way back to 1991 to watch the gore-ily over the top Hong Kong action film Riki-Oh: The Legend of Ricky! In a dystopian future where for-profit prisons are the norm, a mysterious, honorable stranger named Ricky is put behind bars for killing drug gang leaders. He soon finds out that his cell block is populated with thugs of Dragonball Z level power that no prison could ever hold, but for some reason, does. Ass Ward Captain Hook chooses to let Ricky live, despite his ability to punch through anyone and anything, opting instead to let Ricky pick off his goons one by one until Warden Freeza and his dork monster son return. While Ricky himself is superhuman, surviving a live burial, concrete encasement and tying his own cut tendons back together, his new friends all meet horrible ends for showing him even the slightest support or affection. But Ricky doesn’t much care, as long as he can take down the warden’s opium grow op which indirectly caused his Puritan girlfriend to kill herself for being touched by drug gang members. If you’re confused… GOOD. So were we.

Download – Episode 46: Riki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky

Next week we’re gang-banging back a year for another dystopian diversion, 1990’s Class of 1999! When the US government loses all control of its schools, it decides the wisest course of action is to send in the Terminators to take out the druggie/gangbanger trash. Military robots-turned teachers? What could POSSIBLY go right? (This film is available on Crackle for free streaming.)

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