Episode 42: Smoke ‘n’ Lightnin

b14c0fecf506Some movies are meant to left alone for all eternity, never to be seen by the human eye. One of those movies happens to be 1995’s Smoke ‘n’ Lightnin! This week DRC is on vacay, so Corey went out and recruited some fellow podcasters to take this journey into the bottom of B Movie Hell. From The T-Dawg Blizzlepops Comsey Stand Show, we have Timmy Blaze and Chris joining the podcast for an epic midwest podcast crossover as we discuss this “wondeful” buddy action flick. Smoke & Lightnin are your average mechanics until they decide to take a joy ride in an FBI Agents car and stumble upon a briefcase, which leads them on an whacky adventure. Along the way these two knuckleheads are chased by a bad guy (how they refer to him), fall in love with some bodacious babes, and in the end, I guess, save the day. Go watch it for yourself on Netflix, and enjoy all the car chases and cheesy one liners from this movie very few have probably ever seen.

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DRC is back in action next week, along with frequent guest, from the band Dino Punk, Nicky Tyranno; as we discuss the 1996 film South Beach Academy “starring” Corey Feldmen. This one’s full of boobs, stock footage, boobs, and more boobs…oh yeah and a few scenes of actual plot and dialogue! We really are scrapping the bottom of the barrel lately, but soon to come will be a plethora of suggestions from YOU, the listeners!

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