Episode 41: Road House

MV5BOTQ0NjU3NTc2NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjY0NzU2NA@@._V1._SX640_SY432_Maybe it’s a B Movie, maybe it’s not, but either way we’re driving out to the boonies for a seat at the Double Deuce to watch 1989’s action classic Road House! Patrick Swayze goes crazy as the infamous “cooler” James Dalton when he’s hired to straighten out one of the most violent bars in ever down in Missouri. Dalton has an angsty and violent past he’d rather forget and put behind him. Unfortunately, the town is controlled by a millionaire and his thugs who seem to think blatant vandalism, arson and driving a monster truck through a car dealership are acceptable behavior. But when the going gets tough, the tough start ripping out throats! Dalton’s one man killing spree gets about as much attention from the local cops as the thugs’ shenanigans, leaving us free to enjoy the boobs that Kelly Lynch wouldn’t deliver last week as she has public sex with Dalton in the lake where he dumped his first victim. And they say romance is dead.

Download – Episode 41: Road House

Next week I (DRC) am taking the week off, but Corey and his guests Timmy Blaze and Chris, from The T-Dawg Blizzlepops Comsey Stand Show, will be watching 1995’s buddy car theft movie Smoke N Lightnin. I know nothing about this movie, but the trailer should speak for itself. And with Alan Smithee attached, you know it’ll be quality. This movie is available for streaming on Netflix. Corey also did a guest spot on their show recently, so check it out. Once you recover from all those roundhouse kicks, that is.

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