Episode 40: Kaboom

29191_largeAnd KABOOM goes the dynamite! Terminator TSCC’s Thomas Dekker stars in indie director Gregg Araki’s 2010 apocalyptic/sexual awakening drama Kaboom. We’re joined again by guest star P-Lof for this polarizing presentation which left some of us cold – and one of us HOT! 18 year old film student Smith is fighting the malaise of not being able to get with his straight roommate, until a bad trip at a bad party leads to a series of softcore sexcapades that include him hooking up with his roommate’s ambiguously gay buddy, a married man and (for some reason) a British chick. As Smith’s sex cup runeths over, the story takes a queer turn into paranoid conspiracy territory as Smith and his friends get stalked by indie rock band The Sound of Animals Fighting and Smith discovers that he’s to play a role in a possible apocalypse. All of this unfortunately seems to come out of left field, plus there’s a story about Smith’s friend Stella getting involved with a stalker girlfriend who’s also a witch. These threads all converge at the end, but not in the most coherent or satisfying way, and this story really felt like it should’ve been two separate movies. While some may be disappointed by the zigzagging plot, Juno Temple’s copious boob shots more than makes up for it. At least *I* thought so; Corey and P-Lof wanted their $6.66 back.

Download mp3 – Episode 40: Kaboom

Next week, since Corey wants to get back to the 80s, we’re getting a little Swayze Crazy with 1989’s Road House. This one isn’t available for streaming, but you should be able to rent it easily through multiple outlets. Some of you might feel that Road House shouldn’t count as a B Movie, but Corey’s got sack full of roundhouse kicks to shut your filthy whore mouths. (He used to fuck guys like you in prison!) Get ready for more boobs, broken tables and ripped out throats than any other Swayze movie in history. ROAD HOUSE!

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