Episode 39: Super Mario Bros.

super-mario-bros-movie-goombaWalk tall! Be proud! Become a Goomba! We’re joined by guests Nicky Tyranno and P-Lof this week as we steal Jerry O’Connell’s Sliders gizmo to travel to alternate universe Brooklyn to watch 1993’s Super Mario Bros. When Hollywood forces a beloved video game through their puerile reversioning filter, everybody loses. Mario2 and his (adopted) brother Luigi spend their days suicidally careening around New York, out to get work or die trying. After stumbling onto the hot Princess Daisy who turns out to be an orphan who hatched from an egg, our bros. tumble down the fossil hole into a world where humans evolved from dinosaurs and King Koopa is absolute dictator. One has to wonder how anyone thought this was an appropriate childrens movie after the trip to the S&M club, Mario getting suffocated by Big Bertha’s big boobies and animatronic Yoshi getting brutally stabbed. Anyone looking for a passable adaptation of the games will be sorely disappointed, but if you can put aside your expectations, this dinosaur de-evolution disaster might just provide some legitimate entertainment. And if not, you can always get trashed to help get you through it. Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo did. It’s too bad a sequel never happened; one can only imagine what kind of acid trip an adaptation of Wart and the dream world of Subcon would’ve been.

Download mp3 – Episode 39: Super Mario Bros.

Next week we’re watching something much more recent, 2010’s arthouse softcore/conspiracy/black comedy movie Kaboom (available for streaming on Netflix). Bisexual college freshman Smith is having trouble fitting in at school and pining for his straight roommate, but after a bad party he finds himself in the middle of a ridiculous string of sexual exploits while simultaneously being stalked by indie rock super group The Sound of Animals Fighting. You’ll probably be left slamming your against a wall wondering “Why?!”, but much like Super Mario Bros., let go of your expectations and you just might enjoy the ride. We’d also like to give a shout out to our new friends’ podcast The T-Dawg Blizzlepops Comsey Stand Show. If you enjoy our semi-off topic ramblings, odds are you’ll enjoy their free form uncensored shit shooting.

Remember every movie we watch is available for streaming on Netflix or YouTube! [Unless we say otherwise]

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