Episode 38: Dead Heat

DeadHeatWelcome to Zombieland! (Sort of.) We spend one last week in the awesome 80s with Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo in 1988’s ridiculous undead buddy cop movie Dead Heat. Roger Mortis has 12 hours to solve a murder… his OWN! Roger and his smartass partner Doug Bigelow don’t seem to mind seeing a dozen of their fellow cops getting gunned down by zombie jewel thieves, but when Roger himself ends up as one of the walking dead, suddenly it’s a tragedy that must be avenged. Even then though, Roger continues as a mostly straight cop – until his partner and would-be girlfriend join in him in Zombieland, then he shifts into heartless Terminator mode, slaughtering everybody except the big bad responsible for the resurrection machine’s creation for some reason. Apparently once you see zombie boobs, all bets are off. But at least Roger and Doug shamble off to their decomposition deaths cracking bad dirty jokes. *Sniff* Just like Grandma went…

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Next week we’ll be joined by TWO guests, Nicky Tyranno and P-Lof, for our review of the first and worst video game movie ever, 1994’s Super Mario Bros. So your expectations aren’t set horribly high, just think of it as an alternate universe where the filmmakers played the games while on copious amounts of drugs and watching the Mad Max series, and that’s the movie. But with dinosaurs! This one isn’t available for streaming anywhere, so you’re on your own to find it. I’d check the dollar bins. Or, you know, your local archaeological dig site.

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