Episode 37: Over The Top

over-the-top-stallone-faceWhen Sly’s hat turns backwards, it’s clobberin’ time! We’ve arm wrestled our way back to 1987 to watch Sylvester Stallone’s hammy father/son bonding movie, Over the Top. Joined again by guest Nicky Tyranno, we dive into the cross country adventures of trucker/amateur arm wrestler Lincoln Hawk. After abandoning his son for never explained reasons, Hawk tries to force some bonding time with his now 12 year old boy, but li’l Mikey would rather kill himself in traffic than hang with his dear old dad. That is until Hawk sleeps with him (no incesto), they do a father/son workout together and Hawk forces Mikey into an arm wrestling match with a local punk, then they’re somehow right as rain. Mike’s millionaire grandfather Robert Loggia has his sights set on sole custody though, and has Hawk thrown in jail for the silly little crime of vehicular assault. Hawk then bets everything on his tournament matches at the World Arm Wrestling Association (or WAWA)’s championships in Vegas. There Hawk faces some serious dregs like the cigar eating, motor oil drinking Grizzly and Raw Dog, I mean… Mad Dog Madison. Fortunately, when Hawk turns his hat around, he becomes a truck, and he and Mikey seem to (somehow) live happily ever after. You know, until his unexplained reasons for leaving pop back up again. Remember, this movie expires on Netflix July 1st, so watch it soon or you’ll miss this chapter of Stallone awesomeness.

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Next week we’re recycling ourselves up a year to 1988 to see Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo in the horribly stereotypical buddy cop/zombie movie, Dead Heat. A criminal mastermind is resurrecting dead criminals to keep working for him, and detective Roger Mortis falls into the zombie making machine himself. Roger now has 12 hours to stop the bad guys before he rots, but if you think this is all going to be grim and serious, you’d be DEAD wrong! See what I did there? This movie is on Netflix, but isn’t about to expire like our last two.

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