Episode 36: My Mom’s A Werewolf

MYMO1989_02Things are about to get hairy for the Shaver family! Joining us for our bad puns this week is former guest Nicky Tyranno as we slog our way through 1989’s awful “comedy” with no idea what it wants to be, My Mom’s A Werewolf. Susan Blakely plays frustrated mom Leslie Shaver, whose family life is marred by a fat, lazy husband who ignores her both emotionally and sexually. When daddy dipshit blows off her latest advances in favor of football, bros and pot roast, Leslie gets swept off her feet by a toe biting stranger with a mysterious smile and a goldfish martini. After some strange almost-maybe sex, Leslie goes through the Big Change, eating raw meat and trying to fuck her daughter’s friend in the bathroom. After that, it’s a seriously forked ending with lots of innuendo from Dr. Rod Rodriguez, DDS and Malcolm MacAfee, the S & M perv neighbor. Leslie turns down her new were-suitor and his swanky were-house in favor of her fat fuck husband while her daughter forks werewolf “Dennis” to death, werewolves are revealed to the world, and everyone lives happily ever after. If you’re reading this and thinking, “WTF?!” so were we. I’d watch this movie sooner rather than later, as it expires on Netflix on July 1st.

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Next week Nicky T. will be joining us again as we check out one of Sylvester Stallone’s lesser-known films, 1987’s Over the Top. Sly plays a trucker/absentee father who tries to make ten years he’s missed with his son through a brief whirlwind tour of Vegas’ underground arm wrestling circuit. I won’t spoil anything, but the title is most appropriate. This movie also expires on Netflix on July 1st, so don’t dawdle (like us) and watch it soon. It’s what Susan Blakely would do.

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