Episode 34: Back To The Beach

back-to-the-beach-1Remember those corny beach party movies of the 60s? Well, we decided to go back to the 80s to see Frankie and Annette’s (or rather, “Annette’s Husband” and Annette’s) tongue-in-cheek homage to those saccharine little classics in 1987’s Back to the Beach. Having left their beach days behind some 20 years ago, everybody’s favorite couple has become quite the douchers: Frankie is a soulless wet blanket of a car salesman and Annette has turned into a mindless shopaholic Stepford Wife who forces her family to subsist on a steady diet of Skippy peanut butter, Campbell’s soup and Spam (with cream sauce!). On a layover in California to visit their adult daughter (and after narrowly missing a shanking from O.J. Simpson), the pair gets caught up in new old beach drama featuring Bob Denver, Don Adams and Pee-Wee Herman. Just when it looks like their marriage is on the outs and Annette is getting ready to take a face full of Jamaican Ska, a fake and totally irrelevant surfing contest pops up! Frankie is once again crowned the Big Crappola, the spark is restored to his marriage, and everybody conveniently forgets his violent, abusive temper towards his son. Because really, there’s nothing like a good beach party to gloss over child abuse!

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Well, after promising to avoid expensive or difficult to obtain movies, next week we’re going to hit one more of those before getting back to normal. I know, I know, but this one is totally worth it – 1981’s Student Bodies! Before Scary Movie came along, this was the original slasher film parody, and we’re hoping to share it with more people so it gets the love it deserves. A mysterious killer begins murdering student couples who are about to have sex just before the high school prom – and he’s doing it with trash bags, paper clips and an eggplant! The school prude and her dorky friend investigate, with hilarious results. You can check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM-gFnlnO-o This movie isn’t on Netflix, but Amazon Prime members can stream it for free – otherwise it’s $10. The full movie seems to be up on Youtube, but it seems to be a TV broadcast recording and it’s pretty poor quality and may be censored a bit, but here it is anyway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIcxow4TYbI Sorry again for the extra trouble, but this movie is wonderful. Until next week, you’d better sleep with one eye open – and your nuts between horse head bookends.

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