Episode 29: Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway-Camp-8-610x250Gather ‘round now everyone. It’s almost time for this week’s review of 1983’s cult classic Sleepaway Camp! We’d hate for you to miss out on this one – no, that wouldn’t do at all. Ah, low budget indie slasher flicks are a breath of fresh air among today’s Hollywood dreck. You see, at Camp Arawak, young men actually get to be MEN: pranking, swearing, shit talking and chasing girls instead of getting ball busted by them. In spite of the friendlier environment, some haters have managed to sneak into the camp, but fortunately Aunt Martha’s disturbed little niece knows the nuts (see what I did there?) and bolts of dealing with these miscreants. Sadly, Angela’s teen angst has a body count that’s a little too high, and she ends up taking out not just the haters and pedos, but regular dudes who just like to prank and hurl a few insults. What Angela lacks in tact she makes up for in creativity, leading the haters to death by arrow, curling iron and a beehive on a stick. But nothing, and we mean NOTHING, can prepare you for the surprise ending that will sear itself into your memory for the rest of your life.

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Next week we’ll be looking at 2002’s action-gladiator sci-fi mess Rollerball. LL Cool J and Chris Klein join the number one Rollerball team in Kazakhstan (Very nice!), but find the sport’s scumbag promoter is getting their team hurt and/or killed for ticket sales. With a soundtrack full of forgettable pop rock like P.O.D. and Godsmack and cameos by P!nk, Paul Heyman and Shane McMahon, you just know this film will be a solid, well-scripted drama. Get your Serious Faces on, everybody. This film is available for streaming on Netflix, as per usual.

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