Episode 17: Bloody Birthday

BloodyBirthday1__spanBecause we couldn’t stay away from 1981, we’ve come back for The Pit’s heterosexual life partner, Bloody Birthday. Apparently we can add eclipses/weird planetary alignments to the ginger gene as causes for people to be born without souls. Diabolical Debbie, Creeper Curtis and Superfluous Steve cut a bloody swath through anybody in town who dares to cross them, get in their way or try to have sex. That’s right, nothing seems to steam the Cockblock Kids more than the sexual antics of their town’s teen population. Beverly’s awesome feather boa strip tease? UNACCEPTABLE!!! This is what happens when hate gets out of control – kids start ball busting and cockblocking as early as 10, nobody gets laid and even more psycho slashers are born as a result.

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Next week we decided to stick with the murderous family theme with 1995’s The Granny. When her greedy family decides they want her gone so they can get her money, Anastasia “Granny” Gargoli returns from the dead to murder them all in hilarious fashion. Apparently this film has a reputation for being “so bad it’s good” like Troll 2, so we’re expecting good things. You can check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB9qTpTGp1A Since this fine film never got a DVD release and is not currently available on any legitimate streaming sites, the only option is to watch it on Youtube. Some kind soul posted it in six parts with the first part available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igg6EmsVOlM If for some reason you need to do a search for it, search “The Granny 1995”.

Remember almost every movie we watch is available for streaming on Netflix or YouTube! (Except this week’s is on Amazon Instant)

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