Episode 16: Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College

ghoulies3Clap it, slap it and wrap it, this week we go back to school – WAY back to 1991 for our listener request of Ghoulies 3. Glazier College is a place of extremes, with every college movie character stereotype and then some, including Bonnie the golf cart, Jeremy the “goose stepping Hitler Youth” frat leader and Veronica, the chick who’d rather work out than bang, or work out while banging, or something. When Prank Week’s “yanks” get out of control, a jealous and sexually frustrated professor summons the Three Stooges in demonic puppet form to wreak havoc on the students (racking up a massive body count of THREE). At least we’re treated to the ever-so-hot Eva La Rue as the heroine Erin who has the best one-liners, a fetish for Dustbusters and refers to herself in the third person. I hope Glazier’s still accepting applications because that school needs some men who don’t run away screaming from topless/lingerie pillow fights.

Download mp3 – Episode 16: Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College

Next week we’re returning to 1981 and the killer youth genre with Bloody Birthday. Apparently certain astrological events produce heartless murderers – even children(!) Get ready for more creepy kids killing people and getting away with it. I believe there was a bow and arrow used in the trailer, and murderous archers are always hilarious! And just to clarify, this IS available for streaming on Netflix like most of our other picks.

Remember almost every movie we watch is available for streaming on Netflix or YouTube! (Except this week’s is on Amazon Instant)

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      1. Debatable. But I respect your opinion on it because I’m such a forgiving person.

        I bid you farewell, forever.

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