Episode 15: The Pit

The_Pit_Wheel_Chair“Well, if it isn’t clumsy-stupid!” Grab some Purity Bread, this week we’re heading back to 1981 to cover our listener request of The Pit. Our protagonist Jamie is a nice, if creepy, 12 year old boy whose sexual awakening and overall social life are crushed by the hordes of merciless haters in his life. When a hideous ginger girl, a blind old lady and the school librarian all team up to stalk his life, Jamie does what any rational person would do – start listening to his murderous teddy bear and feed the haters to unexplained creatures out in the woods! Fortunately for Jamie, these pricks’ intelligence is inversely proportional to their hate, and his local law enforcement doesn’t give the slightest hint of a fuck about missing persons. Or the creatures they eventually kill. Oh, to live in this town…

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Next week, we’ve got another listener request with 1991’s Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies Go To College. Get ready for killer kegstands and frightening frat parties. Or something. We haven’t seen it yet. Sadly, it’s only available on Amazon Instant, so to view it may cost you an extra buck or two, but I’m sure this direct-to-video treat will totally be worth it.

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