Episode 12: Baywatch Nights: Frozen Out Of Time (S2x13)

Picture 3And we are BACK! After fighting our way through the Mayan Zombie Alien Apocalypse, we are here with our first episode of 2013! Though the immediate danger of the Mayans has passed, the darkness that spawned them remains. In this uncertain time, we can only count on ONE MAN to shine a light into these shadows; ONE MAN who is not afraid to face the armies of the night, the stuff of nightmares and the boogity-boogity. And that man is… DAVID HASSELHOFF.

This week we delve into one of the best unknown gems of the 90s, Baywatch Nights, where lifeguard Mitch Buchannon moonlights as a private eye-turned paranormal investigator with the help of some very silly friends. In this episode (Season 2: Episode 13 on YouTube), it’s up to The Hoff to help wrangle up some unfrozen medieval Vikings (who act like retarded cavemen) with the help of a lifeguard buddy and a nerf gun. If you’re into useless filler, endless slow-mo shots of Vikings running, and Mitch sharing his apparently extensive knowledge of Viking history and culture, then this one’s for you. The amazing thing about this show is that all it needs is to be trimmed down to 15 minutes and it would fit into Adult Swim’s lineup seamlessly. I mean really, any show that ends in an archery display and manly tear from Hoff is all kinds of amazing. VALHALLA!!!

Download mp3 – Episode 12: Baywatch Nights: Frozen Out Of Time (S2x13)

Next week the lingering darkness takes on a different form, as we have learned that, in fact, the Nazis were not only occultists, but man-eating werewolves. Taking on this menace is none other than the New Dealer himself – Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 2012’s direct-to-video release of FDR: American Badass should thrill audiences of all ages – and anybody disappointed by the serious lack of ridiculousness in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. We really can’t do this movie justice with words – check out the trailer and get excited. Not even the polio can stop this killing machine.

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