Episode 10: Jack Frost

jack-frost-1996-14Welcome to what may be our final podcast, as we await the Mayan zombie/Alien apocalypse that will arrive this Friday. In preparation for this, we’ve been hoarding basic essentials like Sham-Wows, gluten-free yogurt and canned water in our eXtreeM Survival Bunker (TM) hidden deep in the vast forests of Joliet. Despite being frantically busy with ensuring our survival in the lawless, mutated world to come, we’ve taken time out to post this new episode for our fans in the hopes of inspring some small amount of hope for the dark days that lie ahead of us.

Perfect for our own descent into the wilds, this week we journey to the podunk town of Snowmonton, Colorado with 1996’s Jack Frost. What happens when a convicted serial killer gets hit with magic acid and merges with the plentiful snow? We get a fun little black comedy with more camp than Anawanna, of course. Even before the arrival of a murderous snowman this town has issues, from the probable domestic abuse in the Metzner household, to the 24 hour gun shop and the sheriff’s own son who “Made special!” and tries to feed his dad anti-freeze oatmeal. The strangeness of this town alone is worth the time to watch this, but seeing an extremely cheap snowman make a guy deepthroat an axe handle and bang Shannon Elizabeth with a carrot ought to hook our entire audience.

Download mp3 – Episode 10: Jack Frost

In the highly unlikely event that we, as a species, are able to overcome the impending forces of darkness and live to see December 22nd, our theoretical next episode will feature the Christmas classic to end them all: 1985’s He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special. A favorite from our childhood, we hope to be able to view this again without the nosalgia goggles and see if it still measures up. Oh, who am I kidding? What cultural relic from the 80s DOESN’T hold up, amirite?

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