Episode 9: Swamp Thing

936full-swamp-thing-screenshotAs the world barrels toward its violent end next Friday, we decided to take our time machine back 30 years to a simpler time. A time when creature makeup and effects were delightfully simpler, a time when movie sidekicks didn’t have to make sense, and a time when you could reasonably expect to see some titties for your 9 dollars and 75 cents. Some movies are good, others are bad, but 1982’s Swamp Thing is pretty neutral. What this fantasy hero lacks in providing a body count, he makes up for in throwing the bad guys around. Joining the monster formerly known as Dr. Alec Holland are a spunky scientist who’s not afraid to show a little side boob, an underage, mentally handicapped entrepreneur and a mutated midget. “How could this NOT turn out to be awesome?”, you’re probably asking. I wish I knew, but somehow Wes Craven failed us. On a brighter note, Corey and I devise a fool-proof plan to get America out of the recession – listen in, and start writing your congressmen NOW!

Download mp3 – Episode 9: Swamp Thing

Next week we’ll be honoring a listener request by watching 1996’s Jack Frost. We’d been asked to cover this as close to Christmas as possible, but since the hoards of zombie Mayans with their alien death rays aren’t going to allow the human race to make it to this Christmas, this is as close as we could get. While we’ve never seen it, this heart warming story of a serial killer-turned murderous snowman tearing up a small town the week before Christmas sounds like just what Saint Nick ordered. Until then, smoke ’em if ya got ’em! Apocalypse in T-minus 9 days…

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