Episode 8: Deathsport


Rev up your Death Machine, because by order of Lord Zirpola, you are sentenced to Deathsport. Ever wonder what a Michael Bay movie would’ve looked like back in the 70s? Me neither, but we found out anyway in this week’s selection, 1978’s Deathsport! In this dystopian gladiator romp, we come dangerously close to seeing David Carradine’s package as he runs around in his underwear killing people with plastic swords and magic lasers. And because that wasn’t ridiculous enough, we were also treated to an overdose of overly loud jet sound effects and needless explosions! It’s not ALL bad, though – DC’s costar is a former Playboy Playmate. Oh yes, there WILL be titties!

Download mp3 – Episode 8: Deathsport

Next week we jump ahead four years to 1982’s Swamp Thing. Long before the cartoon and the USA TV series, there was the movie. I’d make some smartass comment about it, but I didn’t even know it existed until yesterday, so I’m flying blind. It’s directed by Wes Craven though, so one way or another, it should be worth watching. For now, let me just reiterate the previous paragraph’s closing statement – TITTIES!

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