Episode 7: BMX Bandits

Stop by the Manly Discount Centre and pick up some safety pads, cause we’re biking back to the 80s this week, with BMX Bandits! Long before Nicole Kidman was introduced to America and Tom Cruise, she Kidz Bopped it up in this 90 minute BMX commercial. In this poignant allegory of the dangers of teen drug dealing, Judy, PJ and Goose find a shady crate of souped-up “walkie-talkies” which they proceed to push to their friends for “bike” money, leading to a 45 minute chase with the local gang of “bank robbers.” Odd sexual undertones also seem to hint to a surprising resolution to the romantic triangle between our three heroes. Was Nicole Kidman’s Judy named the original Finger Cuffs after the credits roll? We’ll leave that up to our listeners, but really – YES. Yes she was.

Download mp3 – Episode 7: BMX Bandits

Next week we’re cranking back our time machines another 5 years to drop in on a then-still alive David Carradine in 1978’s Deathsport. The trailer will give you a better description of this fine film than I ever can, but hokey lasers, motocross to the death, and mutant cannibals with a Playboy Playmate should get you all excited.

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