Episode 5: Order Of The Black Eagle

Welcome to El Gato Grande, South America, where we take your dollars, your pesos, and your women! This week we follow the second(!) adventure of James Bond knockoff Duncan Jax in Order Of The Black Eagle, as he tries to join some G.I. Joe wannabes and take down a secret base of Neo Nazis with a giant laser and der frozen fuehrer. Honestly, how can Skyfall compete with a spy who escapes in a Da Vinci plane, drives a hydrofoil on dry land, and has a tank-driving, bird-flipping baboon as his partner? Easily. Very, very easily.

Download mp3 – Episode 5: Order Of The Black Eagle

Next week, while perhaps not a true B Movie, we’ll be checking out 1985’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge. This sequel quickly veers into WTF territory with almost no connection to the original film and enough questionable content to be labeled as the gayest horror movie ever made. Until next time. Hit the showers, kids.

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